Space Base: Command Station Expansion

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Following the events surrounding Shy Pluto, two new
zones within known space have opened up. The Admiral has promoted two new Captains to the rank of
Commodore to command these new Space Bases and
work their sectors!

The Space Base™: Command Station expansion allows
players to expand their games of Space Base™ to include
two more players. Now six or seven Commodores can
compete for the promotion to become the Admiral of
the U.E.S. Fleet! Inside you will find two more player
boards, two more sets of starting cubes, ship cards, and
additional materials to help balance and streamline
these bigger games.

This is an expansion for Space Base™. You will need a copy
of the Space Base™ core game to use this expansion. To
make the 6–7 player game that this expansion offers even
better, add content from the Space Base™ Saga Expansion
1: The Emergence of Shy Pluto.

• 2 Additional player boards
• 24 Starting ship cards
(2 sets of 12 starting ships)
• 14 Pre-deployed cards (2 per player)
• 2 Sets of starting cubes
• 30 Extra charge cubes