Iron Rail: 2 - Ride the Rails

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In Ride the Rails, you will invest in railroad companies, build railway track across America, and deliver passengers to as many cities as possible. Each of the 6 game rounds features 3 phases:
1. Take a Share: each player must take any 1 locomotive from the available supply of Railroad companies as a share of that Railroad.
2. Build Railroad Track: each player may build Railroad track in companies that they own at least one share.
3. Ride the Rails: each player transports a Passenger to a city, paying dividends (points) to all shareholders.
Each round, a new Railroad company is introduced to the game, and each Railroad company has its own special placement rules! Deliver passengers to as many cities as possible to earn the most points. Be cautious in your travels, as shareholders of Railroads that you use will also earn points!

Ride the Rails is a game of simple rules (only 1 sheet of paper) with varied strategies & tactics for 3 to 5 players ages 12 and up, playing in about an hour. Contents include (subject to change): 1 game board, 5 player boards, 162 wooden locomotives, 52 wooden passengers, 7 tracker disks, 15 player disks, 1 round marker, and 1 rule sheet.

Ride the Rails reimplements Rail USA from Winsome Games, originally released in 2014. This new production takes that title and places it in different parts of the world. Additionally, a new turn order structure has been implemented.

3-5 players
Ages 12+
60 minute play time